Music and Entertainment

At SWE Africa connect will know the Africa`s music and entertainment has come of age. We are passionate about bridging the gap in this industry among our focused three regions. We would help facilitate interaction among players in this industry. We would also export talent from one region to the other as a means for exposing these regions to the available talent in other regions.

We would also act as technical consultants in the music and entertainment industry by provide the new equipment and expertise in these regions for a successful hosting or staging of events. We are capable of meeting the most demanding of international riders with a high standard of equipment, expertise and skill.

Our partnership with one of Nigeria`s leading music, sound, lights , effects and events planning company MSL360 gives us the strategic advantage in delivering all your event technical requirements.

Telecommunication and Information Technology:

Technology can either be created or transferred. The philosophy behind SWE connect Africa is to ensure that these regions are technologically at par. We want to ensure whatever technology that is available in one is also available in the other two regions. We would also evaluate the levels at which each of the regions are and facilitate the transfer of technology if need be. This we know would require a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise and we are prepared to invest what it takes to ensure we succeed.

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